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Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Commercial Plumbing Services

People call commercial plumbing services the most when there’s a problem at their homes, according to recent statistics, and businesses are no different. A busted pipe, leaky faucet, or broken toilet are some reasons people call plumbers. When there’s trouble in the pipes, you need the best plumber to handle your situation quickly.

Several things to know when choosing a plumber include experience, licensing, availability, and price. It’s also important to ask family and friends for their recommendations. 

Here’s more on how to choose Santa Monica plumbers for your business.


Experience matters. A recent survey found that consumers want “knowledgeable experience” regarding customer service. 

Ask your potential plumber about how many years they’ve been in business. Will they be doing the job, or will they have an employee perform the work?

If you want the job done right, hiring someone with plumbing experience is essential. You’ll get peace of mind knowing your plumber will use the right tools and materials for the job. Moreover, you won’t have to call another plumber to fix shoddy work.

Commercial Knowledge

You might have a plumbing issue that requires an expert, whereas the area is a tight fit, or the plumbing hardware is a family heirloom. Can they do the job? It’s essential to know how much experience your plumber has in doing these jobs. 

For example, restaurant sinks can be a tricky fix. They might require special parts and materials you can’t buy at the local hardware store. 

Additionally, customers, clients, and employees will use commercial equipment far more often than plumbing used at home. It has a higher risk of breakage and will require more maintenance. 

A clogged drain could become unblocked thanks to a residential plumber, but can they fix a complicated system, such as a sewer system, with multiple outputs and drains? It takes a commercial expert to know the difference. 

Lost hours due to a plumbing issue means you lose money as a business owner. You need a reliable and dependable commercial plumber to get the job done quickly so you can be back up and running. 


A plumbing license is required to do business in California with more than $500 in materials or labor. A plumbing license proves a plumber has the skills and tools necessary to do the job. A state board must approve applicants and must have proven plumbing experience.

A license also means your Santa Monica plumber has the necessary professional standards. 

One of the first steps in hiring a plumber is asking for their license. You should think of it as an ID badge! 

Never trust a plumber who doesn’t have the proper paperwork.

Plumbing Insurance

It’s essential to have people fixing your pipes and faucets to have plumbing insurance. However, in California, the law is tricky.

California law only requires plumbers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If someone is hurt on the job, the employee can collect against an employer’s workers’ comp policy. For example, they can receive money for injuries and lost wages.

Ask if your plumber has workers’ comp insurance. The last thing you need is someone getting hurt and coming after you for injuries in an ‘on the job’ accident. 

Even though there are no requirements for plumbing insurance, ask if your plumber has contractor insurance. You can go after the plumber’s insurance company if the job is done wrong. The policy also protects plumbers from theft. 


A broken pipe, water heater, or flooded basement can happen at any time of the day. Ensure to ask your plumber about their availability. You want an available plumber, whether it’s 2 AM or Sunday afternoon. 

Some plumbers charge extra for off-hours work. Many plumbers will tell you about their upfront pricing policy. 

Also, it might be better to have a Palmdale, CA, plumber do work during the off hours, minimizing disruptions to your business. Ask if working late into the night is a possibility. 


Will your plumber work by the hour, or will there be a flat rate? 

Many plumbers work by the hour, so it’s essential to understand how much you will pay. Discuss with your plumber if different types of jobs require a different rate. 

For larger projects, ask about a contract. When you put things in writing, both parties will know what to expect. In addition, the price will likely be lower than the hourly rate. 

Find out how you will pay your plumber. Discuss whether you will get an invoice. Bigger jobs might require a payment plan. 

Ask for an itemized receipt. Paperwork such as this is important for taxes. It’s also a good idea to have a history (and record) of the type of work the plumber did should you need future upgrades.   


Good characteristics and professionalism are important when hiring a commercial plumber. Remember, who you hire for work at your commercial space ultimately represents your standards and qualities. 

Effective Communication

You want a Palmdale, CA, plumber who is on time and communicates effectively. You also want someone who responds to your phone calls quickly.  

Problems and cost overruns mean good communication between you and your plumber. Plumbers should notify you immediately if something costs more or if they can’t get a part. In addition, if the job takes longer (or there’s an interruption), a good plumber should notify you immediately.

Proper Dress

There’s a good chance plumbers will work while your business is open – complete with the building’s clients, customers, and employees. You want a plumber adequately dressed.

Safety Concerns 

Ensure that your plumber will secure the area they are working in to avoid contact with other employees. Ask others to avoid the area, so people don’t get hurt.

Plumbers should come with the proper signage to close kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and walkways. 

Proper Tools 

Having the right tools for the job is important. Improper preparation means more time traveling back to their garage to gather the right tools and materials. 

Proper tools also ensure that your plumber does the job right.  


Hire a plumber near your commercial business

You want a plumber who can get to your business quickly during an emergency. When a plumber is closer to your business, you can minimize the damage to your property.

In addition, if the emergency shuts down your business, a local plumber can get you quickly back up and running. 


Manufactured products often come with warranties. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of money on a new sink or fixture and having it break in a few months.

Ask your plumber if these items come with a warranty. If necessary, fill out all the paperwork and contact the manufacturer to register these items. 

Be sure to keep the paperwork safe to access it immediately if there’s a problem. 

Business Groups

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau can give you insight if you have questions about commercial plumbing qualifications. Local groups keep track of both good and bad businesses in the community. 

Moreover, you can learn if the business operates in good faith. Many plumbers like registering their business with the local chamber of commerce to become a part of the community. They also want to build rapport within the business community as a trusted plumber.  

Commercial jobs are often more complex and can require more experience. It’s important to check with any local trade groups or business organizations about commercial plumbing qualifications. 

Many of these groups also hold monthly or quarterly mixers so business owners can meet each other. These are great places to network with professional plumbers!

Ask Family and Friends

Just about everyone has had to call a plumber once as a homeowner, so if this is your first time, why not ask family and friends for a recommendation? 

Your inner circle can sometimes give you the best advice. In many cases, they won’t be shy about telling you what they liked and didn’t like about a plumber. You’ll get advice on professionalism, pricing, and experience. 

Some plumbers might even give you a friends and family discount! 

Search Online Reviews 

Don’t have any friends and family who use a plumber? Let your fingers do the walking for commercial plumbing company reviews.

There are plenty of websites that will give you commercial plumbing company reviews. Much like your colleagues, people are not shy about sharing their opinion. 

Online reviews will also give you insight into a plumber’s reputation. You’ll learn immediately if a plumber is trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. 

Choosing Commercial Plumbing Services for Your Business

Top tips on choosing commercial plumbing services for your business include experience, commercial knowledge, licensing, and insurance. Other helpful tips include availability, price, professionalism, location, and warranties. 

Business groups, family and friends, and online reviews can also help you choose the best commercial plumber.

Look no further than us for your next commercial plumbing job. Our experts will get the job done right the first time! And you will find our plumbers to be reliable for future projects. 

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