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Category: Drain Cleaning

What Is Hydro Jetting? And the Benefits to Your Drains

Homeowners pay thousands of dollars for home repairs every year. This includes everything from repairing broken windows and fixing broken patio pavers to renovating your kitchen or cleaning clogged drains. When you own a home, you will inevitably encounter problems with your plumbing. After all, no pipe or piping system is made to last forever. Problems […]

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Snaking a Drain vs Hydro Jetting: Which Is Better?

$3,000 – that’s how much the damage from a burst pipe can cost. And in the winter months, this is even more likely to happen. The most common tips for avoiding a frozen or burst pipe this winter are usually to leave a faucet dripping. But there’s more you can do. Blockages are more likely […]

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Emergency Drain and Plumbing: 12 Things You Should Know

In the US alone, the number of emergencies related to plumbing and drainage is estimated to be around one million every year. When you need emergency drain and plumbing services, it can be a stressful situation – you want the problem fixed fast, with minimal disruption and cost. If you are like most homeowners, you […]

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