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Snaking a Drain vs Hydro Jetting: Which Is Better?

$3,000 – that’s how much the damage from a burst pipe can cost. And in the winter months, this is even more likely to happen.

The most common tips for avoiding a frozen or burst pipe this winter are usually to leave a faucet dripping. But there’s more you can do.

Blockages are more likely to cause problems like a burst pipe when temperatures drop. It’s time to clear your drains before this happens!

Snaking a drain and using a hydro jet are two popular techniques. Both are some of the best drain cleaning methods, and many plumbers recommend them over using a chemical cleaner. They yield professional results and can clear many serious issues.

But which one should you use to clean your pipes? Read on to find out!


How Snaking a Drain Works

Snaking a drain involves using a plumber’s snake. This is a tool with a corkscrew-like attachment at the end.

As it pushes through a drain, it can grab onto blockages. Then when you pull out the snake, the blockage comes with it.

Clogs that drain snakes can help with include:


  • Hair clumps
  • Wet wipes
  • Solid debris

Essentially, if a drain snake can grab it, it’ll clear it. But that means drain snakes can’t fix everything.


How Hydro Jetting Works

Many blockages aren’t solid enough for a drain snake to remove. These include:

  • Oil deposits
  • Fat or grease buildup
  • Mineral buildup

In these cases, a hydro jet will be more effective.

Hydro jetting involves a plumbing professional clearing your drain with a high-powered pump. They attach the jet to your drain and pump high-pressure water down. This clears everything from buildup in the pipe to large chunks of grease or sludge.


Snaking a Drain vs. Hydro Jetting

Is hydro jetting better than snaking? That depends on your home, and the blockage itself.

If your pipes are relatively clean except for one solid clog, a drain snake may be the easiest solution. Snaking a drain is also a good choice in older houses or ones with older plumbing. These pipes may not be able to handle high-pressure water.

But if your pipes can handle it, we recommend hydro jetting. It can clear blockages as well as buildup you didn’t even know was there. This improves the speed of your drainage and clears any bad smells.


Let the Experts Handle It!

Whether snaking a drain or hydro jetting, it’s best to let professional plumbers handle it. Otherwise, you can damage your pipes further.

A drain snake can scratch and damage your pipes if used incorrectly. This can compromise their integrity. Even worse, using a hydro jet without the proper experience can burst your pipes!

Don’t risk either of these drain cleaning methods going wrong. Rather, call in the pros. We’ll identify the best approach for your pipes, and remove clogs without causing any damage.

Do you need a drain cleared? Call us today!

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